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Established in 1999, we have been providing specialist care and comprehensive general dental treatment focusing on effective, honest and gentle care and education for all our patients. Employing the latest materials and technology, our objective is to solve your dental problems thus enabling a better quality of life through good oral health.

Our practice is a one stop centre for implant dentistry. The founder, Dr Darren Yap is a pioneer of dental implants in Malaysia as he has been placing dental implants since 1994. We are also a referral centre for complicated dentistry such as difficult extractions, wisdom teeth removal, intra oral cysts removal, biopsies, apicectomies and other minor oral surgical procedures.

Some of the innovations in our practice include state of the art 3D imaging technology, motorised dental injection syringes for minimal pain, sedative techniques for fearful patients, air polishers for efficient stain removal and diode lasers for minimal trauma and pain to soft tissues as well as disinfection of procedural sites.

We also practice high standards of infection control with the use of B class autoclaves for sterilisation of our instruments.

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